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Helping to Alleviate Pelvic Pain
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Providing sitting comfort on a stylishly designed and washable pain relief cushion. This pain relief cushion alleviates pressure points for pudendal nerve injury, coccysdynia (tail bone), and gynecological injuries from child birth.  This pain relief cushion supports you in an anatomically correct manner on your ischial (sit bones) under each hip, using a dense foam which will not collapse when sitting in soft chairs.  User selects one of four printed template lines on the pain relief cushion material, cutting out a void that eliminates pressure points on the injured area.   This provides an easy way to customize your pain relief cushion for your specific needs and helps to alleviate pelvic pain from pudendal or associated nerve damage in the urogenital area.  The pain relief cushion may also alleviate pain associated with coccysdynia (tail bone injury), anal injury, pressure sores, prolapse, and postpartum recovery or similar conditions where reduction on the weight bearing forces on the injured area provides pain relief.

A blank pain relief cushion made of resilient closed-celled foam is encased in a washable vinyl cover discreetly designed to look like a valise or flexible briefcase, masking the embarrassing appearance of a medical condition.  A carry handle allows the user to carry it in hand or tuck it under the arm.  It can also be opened and used to carry small items. The high quality leather looking vinyl cover material is available only in black.  It measures 16 inches long by 12 inches wide, weighs slightly more than 16 oz., and fits easily into chairs. 

The blank pain relief cushion may be customized by the user or under the direction of a qualified physician to reduce weight bearing forces on urogenital or other injured areas.  Written instructions along with four templates (on the cushion) are provided for self customization by the user.  User or physician selects the appropriate template line that best fits the individual.

Owner of Original Marvel Cushion, LLC

"I founded Original Marvel Cushion, LLC after suffering from sitting pain following my second bladder surgery.  The surgery damaged a nerve resulting in pelvic pain while sitting.  I researched the market for a cushion that was best suited to alleviate pressure caused by pain on the urogenital area when sitting.  My pelvic pain physician recommended purchasing a garden knee pad by which I would cut out the area where the pain was located.  This helped to alleviate my pain but it was not durable, it became dirty, and it was visually obvious that I suffered from an embarrassing medical condition.  I put my sewing skills to work in designing a better pain relief cushion.  It took several attempts before I got the firmness of the foam and the quality of the cover material perfected.  I am so pleased with my design and many people stop me and ask me where I got such an attractive valise or pocket book.  During a follow-up doctors visit, my pain specialist examined my cushion and was so impressed with the design and quality that he suggested that I make them for his patients.  He also said there was an unmet demand for a high quality, pain relief cushion that could be individually customized.  I took him up on his suggestion by setting up a woman owned small business to manufacture this pain relief cushion and sell them on line.  I feel good that I am providing a unique product that will help other women or men find relief from sitting pain."

"My cushion has helped me tremendously in alleviating my pelvic pain.  It properly supports me with high density foam on my sit bones and eliminates painful pressure points in the urogenital area. I need to emphasize that if you experience pain from sitting you need to use a cushion that is individually customized by you or your physician. 

"Customized sitting pain relief is our focus."

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