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Helping to Alleviate Pelvic Pain

pain cushionIf sitting causes you discomfort or pain due to damage in pelvic area pudendal nerve or even from gynecological injury from childbirth. The Marvel Cushion may alleviate your pain.  The pain relief cushion may also alleviate pain associated with coccysdynia (tail bone injury), anal injury, prolapse, and postpartum recovery or similar conditions where reduction on the weight bearing forces on the injured area provides pain relief.

The Marvel Cushion made of firm closed-celled foam is encased in a washable vinyl cover discreetly designed to look like a valise or flexible briefcase, masking the embarrassing appearance of a medical condition.  A carry handle allows the user to carry it in hand or tuck it under the arm.  It can also be opened and used to carry small items.  The high quality leather looking vinyl cover material is available in several colors.  It measures approximately 16 inches long by 12 inches wide, weighs slightly less than 16 oz., and supports users in hard or soft chairs. 

The pain relief cushion may be customized by the user or under the direction of a qualified physician to reduce weight bearing forces on the urogenital or other injured areas.  Written instructions along with four templates (on the cushion) are provided for self-customization by the user.  User or physician selects the appropriate template line that best fits the individual.


About Original Marvel Cushion, LLC

In 2007, Ms. Sharon Woodland of Virginia, searched the market for a durable, yet washable cushion to alleviate the pain she endured while sitting. Her pain was caused by bladder surgery that damaged her pudendal nerve. When her quest to find something comfortable was unsuccessful, Sharon created her own cushion.  She developed a durable, washable and discrete cushion that relieved her pudendal pain.  After months of personally testing her prototype, and consultation with Dr. Richard Marvel, MD, Center for Pelvic Pain, Annapolis, MD; the Marvel Cushion was made available to the public and orders came in from around the world.

Developed and coordinated with suggestions from Dr. Richard Marvel, Pelvic Pain Specialist at The Center for Pelvic Pain at Annapolis.  

Dr. Richard Marvel recommends the Original Marvel Cushion to his patients.


Easy to Carry Marvel Cushion
How is the Marvel Cushion different from other cushions?

Marvel Cushion is unique to other products on the market because it allows self-customization.

The Marvel Cushion’s foam can be individually customized to fit your unique body shape. Your body is supported by high density foam cushion under the ischial (sit bones). The individual user cuts out a space (using one of four templates displayed on the cushion).  The Marvel Cushion relieves pain pressure by suspending the tender urogenital area over the cut out space.

Maximum benefit is gained by using the cushion every time you sit, as it will be specifically designed for your unique anatomy. The cut-out space then avoids pressure on painful areas, while providing anatomical support and buffering to your sit bone (ischial) points under each hip. The Marvel Cushion allows sitting to be as comfortable as it was intended to be! 

Is it easy to carry?

Marvel Cushion is not only lasting and simple to clean, but it is also encased in a washable vinyl case that resembles a leather portfolio with a smart Velcro closure. The carry strap allows those who use the Marvel Cushion to enjoy long road trips, as well as when sitting on a bench, pew, or bleacher is the only option! 

"Customized sitting pain relief is our focus."


Pain Relief Cushion. Swoope, VA

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